• 13th - 16th June 2019
  • RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

EHA 2019

24th Congress of European Hematology Association

13th - 16th june 2019

RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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EHA is conducting its 24th annual conference from 13th June' 19 to 16th June' 19. This annual meeting is a forum that will feature original data, hematological innovation, and evidence-based information of primary clinical relevance. The venue for EHA 2019 annual conference is RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands. This annual meeting has come back to the Netherlands after a period of six years. The venue is just at a 6 minutes travel by train from Schiphol Airport and 15 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station.

It is going to be an informative program enclosing every subspecialty in hematology and will create a platform for participants to improve their professional network and grab more opportunities by face to face interaction with the experts worldwide. EHA 2019 is an official...


13th - 16th June 2019


RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands



Congress Objective

The EHA annual conference 2019 is an international forum having its primary objectives to:

  • Publish original data
  • Share ideas about hematological innovations
  • Disseminate evidence-based knowledge of primary clinical relevance

All hematologists and affiliated health care professionals will be able to enhance their knowledge in practical approaches to diagnosis and treatment of hematologic diseases. Not only this, but this Congress will provide all the attendees a platform where they can get access to the latest results, advances, and researches on clinical and translational research in hematologic disorders.
Participants can stay updated on growing innovations, techniques, and diagnostic tools in the same medical field of hematology and also in its subspecialties.

Abstract Submissions

bstracts are to be submitted online in the official language of the annual meeting which is English. The status of selection will be communicated to the authors via email. An abstract that gets selected then it is viewed as a formal commitment by the author to be present at the Congress in person. And that's why we suggest all the authors do the registration along with the abstract submission.